Newforms Gathering met for 10 Years from 2007-2016

Gathering Movement Practitioners, Thought Leaders and Pioneers from All Over the UK, Europe and the World…all those experimenting with new forms of church and movements that change the world 

Newforms Gathering was always at the forefront of the avant-garde of new forms of discipleship, mission, church and social enterprise

KeyNote Speakers included Thought-Leaders and Missional and Movement Practitioners such as;

Alan Hirsch, 100M, Forge

Neil Cole, Organic Church

Steve Addison, MOVE

Shane Claiborne 

Paul D Watson,

Steve Smith & Jeff Sundell, T4T, No Place Left

Erik Fish

Wolfgang Simson

John Coles, New Wine

Martin Robinson, ForMission

Peter J Farmer, Newforms

Hugh & Ginny Cryer, Culture Changers

Paul Unsworth, Kahaila Coffee House, Shoreditch

Alan Taylor, Fusion

and many more…

Although Newforms Gathering has not gathered in recent years…however, there are some new things brewing…


Across the UK and Europe people are exploring newforms of Church, Mission and Disciple Making. The #NewformsGathering is a melting pot of Kingdom Vision, Innovation, Prophetic Reflection and strategic planning. With leading thinkers and practitioners from across the globe – the #NewformsGathering is the ideal place to see the Global Perspective shaping your local context.

Here’s a little taste of what happened at #NewformsGathering 2016